Caring for Australians

Each year, Free Doctor Service provides urgent after hours medical care to more than a million patients around Australia. Many of those patients are babies or young children. Others are senior citizens or aged care residents. In the evenings, late at night, or on the weekends, our Doctors are on the road, bringing urgent medical care to patients suffering illness and injury.

More than half the calls we receive are made not by the patients themselves, but by carers. They may be the worried parents of sick children, the husband or wife of a sick partner, the carer of an ageing relative, or the nurses or clinical managers in an aged care facility.

It is always very worrying when a loved one falls ill in the after hours, and our Doctors are very aware of this. Along with their specialised clinical skills, our Doctors are well trained at the time-honoured skill of the “bedside manner” – lending a sympathetic ear, and calming anxieties the patient or caregiver may have.

Our Doctors are also very aware of the special needs of patients, from treating infants and small children, whose symptoms often get worse at night, to treating patients with a disability, to relieving the distress of an asthma flare up, or helping families with ageing relatives.

Time after time our patients write to us and tell us how wonderful our Doctors are. We know! Because our Doctors are able to give the expert care, kindness and reassurance that you would expect from your GP, but in your home environment, in the evening, late at night, or on the weekend, when GP Practices are closed.