Online Prescriptions and Medication

QuickScript is a convenient service that allows our patients to request a repeat prescription for a select range of medications they have used before, by simply completing an online assessment. An Australian registered doctor will review your online assessment and determine your suitability for the requested medicine within 24 hours. The assessment will gather the same information a GP would normally ask you in a face-to-face consultation. Depending on your suitability, the doctor will either contact you for further information or where appropriate write a prescription as requested.

Alternatively, if you have provided your regular GP’s details and they have registered with us, we can arrange to have your QuickScript request sent directly to your own doctor. This will allow you to bypass answering the general medical questions and the online assessment. You also have the choice of having your prescription conveniently sent to your preferred local pharmacy for immediate collection, or dispensed by our Australian pharmacy partner for next day delivery if you wish.

After completing the assessment, the checkout fees include a $25 doctor consultation fee for your prescription, a prescription handling fee or delivery charge, and the cost for your medicine(s) if you would like your script dispensed and posted. The doctor must make the final assessment before your order is confirmed, so completing the assessment and checkout process does not guarantee you will receive the prescription or medicine. If the doctor thinks that you need a face-to-face consultation, you will receive a full refund and they will advise you to attend your local practice, or if suitable, book an online telehealth video conference appointment.

Benefits to you

Depending on your circumstances, QuickScript could be a cheaper, more convenient way of consulting a general practitioner for a prescription refill.

Think about the true cost of seeing a doctor – the time taken to; make an appointment at a time that suits, arrange time off work, travel to the medical centre, wait in the waiting room and then go to the pharmacy, it all adds up.

Now consider the convenience of completing a short online assessment in the comfort of your home or office and then having the option to pick up your prescription at your local pharmacy or have your medication posted directly to you.

Advantages to the Community

Due to the ageing population and the increasing pressure on the health workforce, every effort needs to be made to reduce the cost burden to the country. QuickScript provides an affordable and effective supplement to the traditional health care system. Patients will not have to wait for their appointment or travel a long distance incurring high expenses. Instead they can have their regular prescription and medicine(s) for an ongoing condition delivered at a low cost to both the individual and the community.

We believe that we can help deliver massive efficiencies to the health care system by unclogging the physical appointment process and improving access to the availability of GP’s Australia wide.